Maintenance Contracts

Very3 offers a flexible, cost-effective maintenance service to keep your organization's technology assets safe, on track, and running smoothly. All Very3 maintenance contracts are backed by a mutually accepted service-level agreement (SLA), which ensures quick, reliable response times, and an exceptional quality of service.

Hardware Maintenance Contracts

Unfortunately, many small businesses and organizations don't have the resources or staff to ensure that servers and switches are patched against known vulnerabilities and crippling zero-day exploits.

Our remote support teams will catalog your hardware and inspect and resolve outdated firmware to ensure that your devices are running at their optimal performance.  We will also notify you of any end-of-life devices on your network, and provide suggestions for replacements.  We also keep track of zero-day exploits and attacks and let you know if your systems are affected.

If you want additional peace of mind, Very3 Extended Maintenance Contracts also include automatic intervention and remediation for any device connected to your network, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Software Maintenance Contracts

Many organizations choose to keep employee access to web and file servers on premises for security and to provide assured availability. These services are vulnerable to attacks from infected workstations and employee-owned devices (BYOD) even when housed internally. A Very3 Software Maintenance Contract ensures that your Microsoft® and Linux-based services are safe and secure, and that backup data is encrypted and properly stored.

Very3 Extended Software Maintenance Contracts also include maintenance and upkeep of your existing intranet code base. This includes updates to run-time environments and frameworks (PHP, Java, Node.js, etc.) as well as updates for HTTP/S delivery services (Apache, IIS, Nginx, etc.).

Custom Maintenance Contracts

Need something a little more personalized? We've got you covered. From simple server and network equipment updates to proactively rewriting and upgrading your aging custom codebase, we can provide the perfect level of service for your organization.

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Project Financing

Very3 offers pay over time with PayPal Credit and no interest will be charged on the purchase if you pay it off in full within 6 months. Don't wait another day to bring your vision to life. Check out PayPal's terms and conditions for more information.

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We've helped dozens of folks break free from their soulless, black-hearted, corporate web hosting providers. We can transfer your domain, and even pull-in your old site temporarily, if needed. Contact us today for a free migration consultation.