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Very3 Zoho Mail Services

Over the course of the next few weeks we'll be moving all Very3 email services to Zoho Mail. This will allow us to provide an end-to-end email hosting package for our clients requiring business class email services and will enhance security, privacy, spam control, and delivery reputation for all hosted domains. No email addresses will change.

How will this affect my site?
All Very3 hosted sites using contact forms may notice that the "from" email address now reads "contactform@[yourdomain]" rather than the email address of the person filling-out the form. This is to ensure the messages are actually from your domain and are not form spam, and not "spoofed" or relayed. Simply clicking "reply" will address the message to the person who filled-out the form. We'll also be updating existing forms to show the address of the form submitter in the message body. There will be no discernible changes to alert and notification subscriptions.

How will I receive email?
Very3 sites using aliased email addresses (addresses that redirect to personal email accounts) should see no change at all. Incoming messages will be routed to your personal email accounts as usual. Very3 hosted domains who are currently using our GSuite product will be transitioned to Zoho Mail in July 2019. Your current pricing plan for Very3 Hosted Email Services will not change. You will need to update your mobile (Android, Apple) and desktop clients (Thunderbird, Outlook, Apple Mail, etc.) with the new server settings, please see our support knowledge base pages for more info. BTW, Zoho also has excellent mobile apps for Android and Apple devices.

Can I host my email with Very3?
Certainly! Our new pricing plan offers up to 10 email addresses and 10 forwarding aliases for only $15.00 per month with an existing Very3 hosting package ($25.00 per month for stand-alone email hosting if your site is hosted elsewhere). This includes virus and malware protection, spam avoidance, 5GB storage, a web-based mail portal, and full IMAP support for desktop and mobile email clients.

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Give us a text or a shout at +1.430.558.4779 or drop us a line at If you're the shy type, you can also send us quick note via our handy contact form.

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Want to know more? Give us a text or a shout at +1.430.558.4779 or drop us a line at If you're the shy type, you can also send us quick note via our handy contact form.

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