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Very3 Shared Application Framework

We will begin rolling out updates to the Very3 Shared Application Framework (v3saf) for all Very3 hosted clients starting May 4, 2019. No downtime or outages will be incurred during deployment. This will include updates and enhancements for:

  • Structured Data (JSON-LD) page insertions
  • Open Graph, Schema and Dublin Core data generation functions
  • Microdata and RDFa page insertions
  • EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance updates to terms of service and privacy policy pages

Note: If your Very3 hosted solution does not currently have privacy policy or terms of service pages, we will be adding these as we go. The links will be shown on each page in your site's footer.

While we expect this update to have a positive impact on all Very3 hosted sites, it will be particularly advantageous to all Very3 Ecommerce (v3cart) clients as it will add extended microdata to your Ebay and Amazon listings.

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